Current transgender approach is “experimenting on minors” says gay author

Nov 30, 2019 by

from Coalition for Marriage:

Andrew Sullivan, a prominent gay intellectual and one of the first to call for same-sex marriage in his 1989 book ‘Virtually Normal’, has sounded a warning about the fast rise of transgenderism and the harm it is doing, particularly among young people.

Writing in The Sunday Times (£), Sullivan breaks ranks with many in the LGBT movement to tell of his recent meeting with a group of American women in their early twenties who had previously identified as transgender. In their early teens they ‘socially transitioned’ and received hormone therapy, but within a few years they had “realised they had made a big mistake, stopped testosterone therapy and ‘detransitioned’ back” to being women.

But ‘detransitioning’, (going back to their original birth sex), wasn’t so simple. Although they did not have surgery, they live with the scars of their choices: tenacious facial and body hair, deeper voices, and permanently altered genitals from the testosterone; serious back issues and reduced lung capacity from the breast-binding.

Detransitioning is a growing issue and young women appear to be the most seriously affected. The proportion of girls among those being referred to the UK’s gender identity service has jumped in the last decade from 44 per cent to 74 per cent. Yet investigating the causes of this is a high-risk enterprise. Dr Lisa Littman last year published a paper about the ‘rapid onset gender dysphoria’ she observed particularly among friendship groups of teenage girls. She was rewarded with a vicious smear campaign and the loss of her consulting job.

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