Dangerous draft guidance threatens Christian schools

Jan 10, 2019 by

from Christian Concern:

The funny thing about equality law is that the one thing it certainly does not do is promote equality. Instead, by defining individuals by a single characteristic, it breeds division and tribalism.

Competing ‘rights holders’ spend millions of pounds campaigning and exert immense moral and political pressure to make sure they earn a privileged spot in an ‘equality hierarchy’ that was never intended by parliament when the Equality Act was drafted. Rather than looking to the uniting force that is our shared humanity, equality law audaciously says that some people are created more equal than others and that we must celebrate their particular protected characteristic, even if it violates our conscience to do so.

This concept becomes particularly insidious when agencies of the government begin usurping the role of parliament to extend their ‘moral’ influence over the rest of us. Case in point, the proposed draft guidance issued by the Department for Education in March 2018, which fundamentally shifts education policy to require privately-funded faith schools to teach that homosexual behaviour and transgenderism represent equally valid alternative lifestyles to Christianity. All earlier guidance and, much more importantly, the 2014 Education (Independent School Standards) Regulations themselves, had no such obligation.

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