Danish Bible Translation Controversy

May 18, 2020 by

From Christian Friends of Israel UK:

The March release of the Danish Bible Society’s newest translation quickly became controversial. Other Danish Christians and Israeli media organisations described the ‘Contemporary Danish Bible 2020’ as both anti-Semitic and anti-Israel because the word ‘Israel’ had been replaced in many places with ‘the Jewish people,’ ‘the Jews’ or ‘the people.’

Some opponents even went to the extreme of claiming that the word ‘Israel’ had been completely removed from the text.

Directors of the Israel Bible Society were concerned, though after speaking to the Danish Bible Society they understood that the translation decision was not a political one. Nevertheless, they noted that the word “Israel’ only appears twice in this version’s New Testament, despite appearing more than 60 times in the original Greek.

So, they issued a statement saying,

“We believe that the replacing and removing of the term ‘Israel’ in the way that it was done in the Contemporary Danish Bible 2020 was a harmful decision which has hurt many who love the word of God, in Israel and beyond.”

[…]It was a Danish organisation called ‘The Bible and Israel’ that first criticised this new Danish Bible. But they were dismayed that their critique was exaggerated, misreported and in some cases went viral with accusations of the total removal of the word ‘Israel’.

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