Deconstructing Creation and the Better Story of the Creator

Jul 30, 2020 by

by David Ould:

Call it “Cultural Marxism”, call it something else, there can surely be no doubting that there is a particular wave of Marxist-influenced leftism that is coursing through much of Western society today. While it may not be on the lips of everyone who is currently holding a protest banner, it’s proponents are obviously working away in the organisations that propel those protests forward.

One of the main avenues in which this move progresses is through the deconstruction or “queering” of long-established cultural norms. As Daniel Patterson so helpfully points out, while “queering” is difficult to understand it is necessary for us to be clear on what is happening here:

The term queer is difficult to describe, explain, and comprehend because it, by definition, resists definition. In brief, queer describes an action, something done, a method of action that undermines institutions which perpetuate norms. Queer-ing produces “outcomes” through a process of deconstruction or breaking down. These outcomes are not, however, the positive production or creation of something in particular, but what is left over after bringing down a system that determines what is normal.

A Brief History of Gender and its Significance
Daniel Patterson

As we’ve already demonstrated, for the Marxists there are a some notable institutions that they see as fundamentally harmful and dangerous. These previously-agreed norms must be removed and replaced with, well, whatever the individual decides is “normal” for them. That such a movement exists is surely undeniable, the real question for us is how we are to respond to this desire to deconstruct.

The Queering movement seeks to tell a different story, indeed any story will do once the deconstruction is complete; just not the story that most people told before.

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