Decriminalising abortion: Labour abandons the Catholic vote

Nov 22, 2019 by

by Archbishop Cranmer:

A few weeks ago the Liberal Democrats deselected one of their candidates. Robert Flello, a practising Roman Catholic (and so opposed to abortion and same-sex marriage) was ditched just 36 hours after being selected because “his values diverge from ours”, the Liberal Democrats said.

If a party that calls itself ‘liberal’ is actually anti-Catholic, why should Roman Catholics (or indeed any Christian) vote for them? If one were to scratch beneath the anti-Catholic ‘liberalism’ of the Liberal Democrats, would one find prejudice against all religious people who take their faith seriously? Would they sack a Muslim candidate who articulated the belief that marriage is between a man and a woman? Would they sack one who believed Jews are destined for Jahannam? Is there no freedom of conscience or freedom of belief in the Liberal Democrats? Is there no freedom of religion?

In their General Election Manifesto, they are also pledged to “Complete the introduction of equal marriage” by removing the spousal veto; allowing those marriages that were dissolved solely due to the Gender Recognition process to be retrospectively restored; enabling the Church of England and Church in Wales to conduct same-sex marriages; and introducing legal recognition of humanist marriages.

Quite a few people of all faiths might find that LibDem values diverge from theirs.

Yesterday the Labour Party launched their Manifesto. It includes a commitment to decriminalise abortion. If Parliament deciminalises something, it essentially signals societal acceptance. So the termination of babies in the womb for no medical reason would be lawful right up to the day of birth.

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