Denying women access to legitimate choices and hope

Feb 25, 2019 by

by Breda O’Brien, Irish Times:

When Alina Dulgheriu discovered she was pregnant, she was also facing the loss of her job as a live-in au pair. The father pressured her to have an abortion. She rang the Marie Stopes Clinic in Ealing and poured out her heart. She was looking for support but the woman in the clinic told her that all they could offer was an abortion and why not come in to discuss her options?

Outside the clinic, on the darkest day of Dulgheriu’s life, a woman offered her a leaflet explaining that there was practical help available. For the first time, Dulgheriu felt that her child was wanted, not only by her but by complete strangers. Her beautiful, curly-headed daughter is now the centre of Dulgheriu’s existence.

When Ealing Council imposed a censorship zone around the Marie Stopes Clinic, Dulgheriu started a crowdfunding appeal to legally challenge the right of the council to deny women access to legitimate choices and hope. And yes, it is that Marie Stopes Clinic – the one where Aisha Chithera, who had travelled from Ireland, was put into a taxi after an abortion at 22 weeks, even though she complained about feeling warm and dizzy after vomiting. She bled to death.

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