‘Designer babies,’ new embryonic research ‘raises enormous problems,’ scientist warns

Dec 6, 2018 by

by Michael Gryboski, Christian Post:

An expert on neurobiology has expressed concerns over the direction of gene editing and embryonic research, and the quest for designer babies, warning that it “raises enormous problems.”

At a Veritas Forum event held Friday at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford University neurobiologist William Hurlbut explained that there were several ethical concerns being raised with the latest developments in gene editing.

“We’re moving into the realm of technologically altered human life; [it] raises profound questions,” Hurlbut said to those gathered.

Hurlbut noted that there are questions not only on “the modification of human embryos for therapy,” but also on the “use of modification of human embryos for inquiring into the very nature of developmental biology.”

“In this age, there are many uses we could make of human embryos with this new technology. We’re going to have to decide what our principles are,” continued Hurlbut, who stated four questions that he believed were key to the ethics debate.

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