Despite hostility and rising nationalism, the Church in India continues to grow

Mar 30, 2020 by

from Christian Today:

A new report has warned of increasing attacks on Christians in India, much of it at the hands of Hindu nationalists.  Kumar Swamy, National General Secretary of the All-India Christian Council, described more of the situation in a recent interview with Release International, an organisation supporting persecuted Christians worldwide. 

Why is there hostility towards Christians in India?

Kumar: First of all, there is a kind of ongoing revival, if I can use the word, among the Hindu community. The BJP is making extra efforts to, unfortunately, paint a picture against the minorities, like Christians and Muslims, that we are anti-nationalist. And unfortunately many of the general public probably has bought those concepts, and that probably has gone against minorities in the country.

What you’re describing is a rise of nationalism in India. We understand that there is a philosophy called Hindutva, which is to say that if you are an Indian you need to be a Hindu. The two go hand-in-hand. Is that kind of thing partly to blame, partly the reason for this change, this increased majority?

Kumar: That’s absolutely right. The nationalism and the Hindutva, the Hinduism, these are at this point going hand-in-hand. That has definitely contributed to this scenario.

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