DfE ‘demonising’ parental rights advocates

Oct 13, 2019 by

from Christian Concern:

Roger Kiska comments on the recent advice issued by the Department of Education about managing the many protests outside schools concerning RSE.

Christian Concern was this week made aware of an advice document sent to Local Authorities by the Department for Education (DfE) about managing issues involving parental dissent over LGBT elements being taught to their children as part of relationships education (primary) and relationships and sex education (secondary).

Parental rights groups as extremists

Frankly speaking, the document should outrage us all. The DfE, in no uncertain terms, portrays parents as uninformed, out of touch and easily led astray; parental rights organisations as religious extremists; and media outlets who air stories about parental concerns about the new regulations as sensationalist and inflammatory.

The document also characterises schools who champion LGBT themes as promoting an inclusive curriculum while those who are concerned about what our children are being exposed to as being anti-LGBT teaching activists. Among the strategic advice provided by the Department to Local Authorities is having Council Members issue joint statements showing “strong support” for teaching about LGBT:

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