Do we know what Anglicans think about same-sex marriage?

Mar 4, 2020 by

by Peter Ould, Psephizo:

My son is an Arsenal fan.

Now, when I say “Arsenal fan”, I need to explain a few things. First, he’s never actually been to see Arsenal play, either home or away. Indeed, he’s never actually been to a professional football game in his entire life. I doubt he could name you more than one member of the squad and if you asked him where they were in the Premiership at the moment he wouldn’t have a clue.

If you wanted to find out what Arsenal fans thought of the club at the moment, you wouldn’t be looking for my son to give you an insightful view of what the average supporter in the terraces thinks. The only reason my son is an Arsenal fan is because at school his friendship circle includes some much more avid football fanatics, so he decided he’d say he’d make Arsenal his team to fit in. If he *had* to pick a team he’d pick Arsenal, but really there’s no reason why he didn’t pick Manchester City or Liverpool instead.

Of course, he didn’t pick Manchester United because no-one picks Manchester United these days.

The Ozanne Foundation publicised a repeat survey by YouGov looking at the opinions of a sample of 5,000 people on same-sex marriage. As part of the survey (a normal YouGov internet panel) the participants were asked what religion they associate with, and unsurprisingly around a fifth stated that they were “Church of England”, “Anglican” or “Episcopalian”. That last answer indicates that the survey included some people in Scotland where the local Anglican denomination is the “Scottish Episcopal Church”. The 1,100 or so people who said they were “Anglican” could therefore be assessed for their response to the “do you think same-sex marriage is a good thing” question and a headline therefrom created.

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