Does God get a say in preferred pronoun?

Oct 8, 2021 by

By Joshua Steely, Christian Post:

In a recent article for the leftist Religion News Service, Mark Silk, professor of religion in public life at Trinity College and contributing editor of RNS, advocates the use of “they” for God. His proposal comes at the junction of the efforts to change the general usage of the English language and the push to neuter specific language about God–both agendas driven by the sexual revolution.

The article shows the usual progressive rejection of God’s authority in favor of our own ideologies. Masculine language for God, even the title Father, is “deeply problematic” for liberals (whether ostensibly Christian or, like Silk, Jewish). On the contrary, for orthodox Christians, it is a title of adoration and of wonder when we reflect that in Jesus Christ, God the Father reaches down and offers to become our Father. Silk’s “modest proposal” is part of a movement destructive to spiritual life and defiant towards God Almighty. As Albert Mohler Jr. observes in his reflections on Silk’s article, “It is a denial of God to refuse to use his name, the name that he’s revealed to us.”

But what I find particularly striking is how Silk’s proposal fails even on its own terms. Within the narcissistic and absurd world of “preferred pronouns,” the whole point is that the pronouns are the ones preferred by the person to whom they refer. It’s all about self-identification, self-designation, the doctrine that my identity is either determined by me or known only to me, and in any case unknown to you until I reveal it; and, when I reveal it to you, there can be no appeal to objective factors between us, and certainly not to your opinions, in defiance of my revealed identity.

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