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From ‘Don’t Divide Us – We are Speaking Out’ – a new initiative from a coalition of teachers, academics, artists and other professionals from different racial backgrounds who are concerned about how a “toxic, radicalised agenda” is increasing racial division and cultural conflict.

Stating the facts

We have produced a reading list on the following issues: race, education, critical race theory, free speech and history and we are producing a ‘top 10’ facts to challenge many of the ‘truth claims’ and hope to turn them into videos (if we can raise some cash).

If you have good suggestions for existing reading materials, films, videos, books, podcasts, please let us know. We will add them to the website.
Email Subject: Reading & resources

If you would like to help fund videos, please donate here.


Schools, colleges and education authorities are currently ‘de-colonising’ the curriculum, and training teachers, in preparation for when the schools go back. Teachers and educators, who support ‘Don’t Divide Us’, are creating and collating resources to provide balanced and nuanced sources of information. We want educators to take their responsibilities seriously and provide un-partisan education. We want to help students to think for themselves.

We have made a start here. We hope to evolve the website over the next few weeks, so that can act as a resource for teachers and students who want to challenge partisan education. Tarjinder Gill has produced this rough guide for teachers. If you would like to help us expand the website, you can donate here.

We will shortly publish a new template letter, on the website, for parents to send to headteachers, when the next term resumes.

We are currently working through all the emails received from teachers, students and parents, with stories about what has happened in their school. We would like to publish examples on the website (with their permission / anonymity). In this way, we can ensure that the general public is aware of what is going on and the difficulties that people are facing.


We have written to the Minister for Equalities, Kemi Badenoch MP, requesting a meeting. We intend to discuss how to protect freedom of conscience.

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