Don’t mention sex or marriage, please, we’re British evangelicals!

Apr 4, 2019 by

By Will Jones, Rebel Priest.

Why have the evangelicals fallen silent? Two leading evangelical organisations founded to equip Christians to engage with the modern world have ceased to resource their supporters on the key contested issues of family, marriage and sexuality.

The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC) and the Cambridge-based Jubilee Centre once were at the forefront of helping Christians to understand and engage with the challenges that our society throws up for Christians in these areas.

But no more. You will search in vain in their recent output for anything to inform you as a Christian of what is going on in culture around family, marriage and sexuality or to equip you in your workplace or your children’s school to respond biblically. What has happened?

[…] It is crunch time for biblical faith in the West as the progressive and secularist forces unleashed in the Enlightenment set their sights on the eradication of any public presence of orthodox forms of Christianity. Biblical teaching on marriage, sex and family is high among the charges against the faith. Now is the time for Christian organisations to arm the people of God to remain faithful, not to discreetly absent themselves from the fray and leave the dangerous jobs to others.

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