Double Mastectomy at 15, Detrans 16-Year-Old Now Seeks Reversal

Jul 12, 2020 by

by Julia Diana Robertson, The Velvet Chronicle:

Penny was just 11 years old when she decided that people online were right — that she was “transgender.” At 13, she was prescribed hormone blockers, and by 15, she’d had a double mastectomy. Now, at 16, she’s raising money on gofundme for a breast reconstruction.

Gender ideology — a fairly new and contradictory belief system — is seeping into the school curriculum, pulling kids down the internet rabbit hole, and encouraging young people to question and analyze their “gender identity.”

As an alarming number of desisted and detrans young people come forward, more and more as time passes, they bring visibility and awareness to the medical malpractice that’s been going on for years.

The major surge, in the number of kids who identify as “trans” in recent years, has done nothing to slow the medical field down. On the contrary, they’re willfully ignoring everything we know about how the brain develops, and normalizing youth “transition.”

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