Drag Queen Story Time

Jul 31, 2018 by

by David Robertson, theweeflea:

What would you do if the following story appeared in your local newspaper? […]

Would you

a) Say ‘what a great idea’ and be thankful that tax payers money is being spent in such a constructive way?

b) Ask ‘What’s the world coming to?’, shrug your shoulders and get on with life?

c) Write an angry letter to the paper pointing out that we have all gone to the dogs!

For me none of the above is the answer.   Although I did write a letter (see below).  The problem is that the way the narrative is framed this is all about ‘inclusion and diversity’, preventing hate crime and bringing peace to the world. The latter was according to the editorial in the paper .   Note that the editor acknowledges that there is a ‘deeper meaning’ behind the event.  Indeed there is.  It’s all part of the current fashion to indoctrinate our children into the Queer theory revolution that our elites are pushing on the rest of us.

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