Eat, drink, and say a prayer

Aug 13, 2020 by

from The Conservative Woman:

ON Monday, Julian Mann wrote in TCW about enjoying a pub lunch at The Wheatsheaf in Beetham, south Cumbria. He complimented the staff for their sensitive and unobtrusive handling of the government’s Covid regulations, proving that those working in the hospitality industry don’t have to be jobsworths over it.

The warm welcome he received there led him to float the idea that church communities who are banned from taking Holy Communion in their churches could gather in pubs and celebrate the Lord’s Supper together at their tables. 

Not long after publication Julian received this email from the owner of The Wheatsheaf, Sally Schrieber, giving him the thumbs-up:

‘What a wonderful article, I really appreciate you choosing our establishment to write about and recommend to your readers.  It certainly has been a tricky situation to manage, we have strived to maintain a comfortable atmosphere for our guests whilst complying with all the guidelines, it is just wonderful to read that we achieved this and that you enjoyed your experience with us.

‘We would certainly welcome you and the members of your church to dine with us, we have large function room upstairs which would be private for you to relax in. There are of course guidelines in place for events like this, which I could run through with you if you would be interested.

‘Thank you again, I was thrilled to read your article this morning and I hope you don’t mind if I share it with our followers on our social media pages.’

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