Echoes of the Nazis in school race report

Oct 24, 2020 by

by Frederick Edward, The Conservative Woman:

IN June, the Runnymede Trust released a report entitled Race and Racism in English Secondary Schools. The trust, which describes itself as the ‘UK’s leading independent race equality think tank’, had much wisdom to impart about how to insert the issue of race into every nook and cranny of the curriculum.

With students across the country having missed out on months of education this year, further racialising what children are taught in school is undoubtedly among the most pressing issues at hand. Moreover, as events in 2020 have shown us, it is also something which will undoubtedly be of great societal benefit for years to come.

The report reads:

‘Experience shows […] that many teachers are not able to present and explain their knowledge of racial awareness and White Supremacy in a way that profits our youth for their whole lives. He who devotes an hour a week in his school to racial awareness and White Supremacy, making it into something of an independent subject, approaches it in an unnatural way. The knowledge of racial awareness and White Supremacy must grow organically from the whole curriculum of our schools. Racial awareness and knowledge of White Supremacy must run like a red thread through education at every level. There is no subject in our schools from which valuable knowledge of White Supremacy cannot be drawn in unexpected fullness.’

Okay, I lied. The report doesn’t say that exactly. This paragraph is taken from the introduction of the 1937 German educational manual Die Judenfrage im Unterricht (The Jewish Question in Education). I have merely changed a pronoun, suffixed ‘racial’ with ‘awareness’ (to bring the phrase up to modern-day standards) and replaced ‘the Jewish Question’ with ‘White Supremacy’. With these minor alterations it would probably pass muster with most modern-day radical pedagogues.

The actual report, while maintaining a different societal group in its crosshairs, is equally concerned that students must solely concentrate on the issue of race:

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