EHRC: ‘Equality Act protects trans critical beliefs’

May 8, 2021 by

from The Christian Institute:

Holding to the belief that biology determines whether a person is a man or a woman is protected under the Equality Act, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has said.

The EHRC made the statement at an employment appeal tribunal last week, in evidence submitted at a case brought by Maya Forstater.

Forstater is appealing an earlier ruling that she had not been unfairly treated by her employer when she lost her job for criticising trans ideology, as the judge said ‘gender critical’ beliefs were not legally protected.

Robust protection

The EHRC told the tribunal: “We believe it is important that our courts and tribunals continue to robustly protect freedom of religion or belief.

“This can include highly contested beliefs and is demonstrated by the consistent domestic and European Court of Human Rights case law acknowledging the right to protection of religious views that homosexuality is contrary to God’s will and sinful.”

The equality watchdog continued: “We think that a ‘gender critical’ belief that ‘trans women are men and trans men are women’ is a philosophical belief which is protected under the Equality Act religion or belief protections.”

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