Episcopal Church Head Michael Curry Responds to Bishop’s Refusal to Allow Gay Marriage in Diocese

Nov 17, 2018 by

by Michael Gryboski, Christian Post:

The head of The Episcopal Church has said that he’s deciding on what actions to take after the bishop of a New York State-based diocese has refused to officiate same-sex wedding ceremonies.

Bishop William Love of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany released a lengthy pastoral letter last week stating that he will not allow same-sex weddings in his churches, despite a recently approved resolution mandating them for all dioceses.

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, who supports same-sex marriage and leads the mainline Protestant denomination, released a statement earlier this week explaining that he’s “assessing the implications of the statement and will make determinations about appropriate actions soon.”

“We are committed to the principle of full and equal access to, and inclusion in, the sacraments for all of the baptized children of God, including our LGBTQ siblings,” said Curry.

Curry also said that he believed the Church is tolerant of different points of view on marriage, adding that those who adhere to the biblical definition of marriage should not be forced to officiate same-sex unions.

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