European Union opposes Polish bill to protect children from sex abuse

Nov 22, 2019 by

by Dorothy Cummings McLean, LifeSite:

Over 400 members of the European Parliament have voted to pass a resolution criticizing a Polish bill called “Stop Pedophilia” that seeks to protect minors from sexual abuse by adults.

The “Stop Pedofilii” bill seeks to make the incitement of minor children to sexual activity illegal in Poland. According to Euronews, the 471 MEPs who voted on November 14 to condemn Poland for the potential legislation were particularly concerned about the possibility of teachers and activists being sent to prison for promoting or approving underage sex.

That part of the bill states that “anyone who promotes or approves sexual intercourse or other sexual activity by a minor, in connection with performing the position, occupation, or performing activities related to upbringing, education, health care or care of minors, or operating on school premises or other educational or child care institution, is liable to imprisonment up to three years.”

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