Evangelical Anglicans told: Don’t be too hasty about leaving the CofE

Mar 24, 2023 by

from Religion Media Centre:

The Evangelical Alliance is urging evangelicals within the Church of England “not to cop out too early” in their dispute over same-sex blessings, which were agreed in principle at the last General Synod.

Gavin Calver, who leads the multi-denominational Evangelical Alliance, says it is supporting evangelicals who find the CofE stance challenging, some of whom may join the organisation for unity with others who share their views. He was speaking in a wide ranging interview with Roger Bolton for the Religion Media Centre’s Big Interview series, where he explained his views on the Bible that “every word is true”, marriage is between a man and woman, the reasons for growth in evangelicalism in the UK,  the duty to speak out on public policy for example the Illegal Migrant Bill, and why all faith paths do not lead to heaven.

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