Ex-gays petition Amazon to stop banning books that help with unwanted same-sex attraction

Jul 9, 2019 by

by Doug Mainwaring, LifeSite:

After Amazon knuckled under pressure from LGBT activists to ban books offering help to those dealing with unwanted same-sex attraction, former gays launched a petition demanding the online retailer reverse its decision.

Amazon recently removed several books in response to a Change.org petition that mislabeled all materials dealing with leaving the practice of active homosexuality as destructive “conversion therapy.”

Those who have left homosexuality and now live chaste single lives or who have gone on to marry and form a family with a member of the opposite sex see a different motive behind Amazon’s action. It is an attempt to silence all the voices of those who have found new life and freedom not through “conversion therapy,” but through conversion to Jesus Christ, a distinction that seems lost on LGBT activists.

“We exist. Do not erase our community,” said Daren Mehl, founder of Voice of the Voiceless, an organization that seeks to defend the rights of former homosexuals and those with unwanted same-sex attraction, and which launched the petition. “Jesus is alive and does wonderful works in our lives. Desires change. Sexual orientation changes. It is not immutable.”

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