Extinction Rebellion logic exposed as über-nonsense on stilts

Apr 23, 2019 by

by Niall McCrea, Rebel Priest:

Having mingled among the eco-warriors on Waterloo Bridge, I can confirm reports in the mainstream media: it was a self-righteous, middle-class jamboree. But rather than resting on my preconceived notions, I decided to explore the rationale and motives of the protestors. Here, dear readers, is a composite of my brief chats between the banners and hay bales. I abbreviate my informants as H (think Hermoine, Harriet and Henry.

N: What brings you here today?

H: It’s our last chance for survival. There’s no Planet B. Climate change will cause the sea to rise by two or three metres, and soon we won’t be able to cross this bridge. But it’s worse for people in poor countries, who are victims of rich countries’ pollution.

N: But Britain accounts for less than 1% of carbon dioxide emissions. What about China, which is building hundreds of coal-fired power stations? I heard that China has used more cement in the last ten years than the USA used in the whole 20th century. And the smog in Chinese cities is highly toxic. Why not put more pressure on the worst polluters?

H: Frankly, we have no right to tell the Chinese what to do, after the harm we’ve done in the West. They have every right to develop just as the Americans did.

N: But wait – you constantly remind us that we only have one planet. It seems like you’re treating China as if their part of the planet is exempt.

H: Look, the Chinese didn’t go round colonising the world and oppressing black people. We have no moral high ground.

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