Face it, parents, your children are no longer your own

Oct 11, 2018 by

By Janice Davis, The Conservative Woman.

If you disagree with anything your children’s school is teaching them – well, tough. There has been an educational coup d’état. It’s happening all over, and amazingly in some countries it’s going down well. ‘Elite’ elementary schools in Iceland are teaching boys to put on nail varnish and body massage each other, while girls are being discouraged from crying. This is all to play down the development of ‘gendered behaviours’, and is the philosophy of self-described radical feminist Margret Pala Olafsdottir, who runs 20 nursery and elementary schools in Iceland, which parents are choosing, and happily paying extra for.

The philosophy is called the Hjalli model. It is based on gender segregation, with children working in small gender-divided groups for most of the day. According to Boas Hallgrimmson, who teaches at a Hjalli model school: ‘Using this method, both genders get nourished on their terms and both girls and boys get the freedom to work on honing their full range of good qualities. Stereotypes do not prevail. Another key element is the fact that everyone at school is required to wear a school uniform, not only the children but also the staff. This makes every child equal to the next and helps avoid bullying at school, but not only that – the individual shines more once not judged by his or her cover.’ (Hallgrimmson also performs with the ‘loud rawk outfit Reykjavik’ – which is something to do with Björk, and men wearing corsets and angel wings; plus rainbows and pride.) Their mission is to create a better future for all children, based on active ‘gender deconstruction’. Girls crying is considered weakness; boys changing dolls’ nappies is seen as empowering.

UK schools are not being left undamaged.

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