Faith in a time of crisis: Book review

Oct 5, 2017 by

by Lee Gatiss, Church Society blog.

From the man who brought us the books True Friendship, True Worship, and True Spirituality it is no surprise that Vaughan’s chapters in this great new book are called “True gospel”, “True sex”, “True love”, and “True unity.”

The book begins with an outline of the recent story of Anglicanism worldwide. It is of course a sobering tale. Vaughan brings the gospel to bear upon some of the most prominent issues, and promotes the Reformed Anglicanism of the Thirty-nine Articles and the Book of Common Prayer.

He helpfully looks in particular at the issues of sexuality which have torn the Anglican world apart. Homosexuality and marriage rightly receive much attention, along with transgender questions which are also now emerging. Much here is incorporated from the author’s booklet Transgender.

What is love? What are we, as humans? These are important questions for us to be asking and answering biblically. In the process, we must aim to win people, not arguments, and engage opponents with gentleness and prayerfulness. As Vaughan says, “It’s extremely unloving to give someone the impression that God doesn’t care about their sin and that they can carry on being a full member of the church when, in fact, ongoing, unrepentant sin excludes them from the kingdom of God.”

In his chapter, “True faith”, Peter Jensen looks more broadly at the Anglican Communion. As General Secretary of the Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) he is ideally placed to do so.

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