Faith schools: Clergy criticise Church of England using school admissions to ‘artificially boost church attendance’

May 30, 2020 by

by Will Hazell, iNews:

Exclusive: Thirty Anglicans say selective faith schools give ‘ammunition’ to critics who claim Church uses schools for ‘pew fodder’.

A group of senior Anglicans have written to the Church of England urging it “to abandon admission policies that discriminate against people by faith” in its schools.

They say that selecting on the basis of religion is likely to help the well-off and gives “ammunition” to critics who claim the Church uses schools as “an easy source of pew fodder”.

It follows a Church of England report earlier this year which commended schools awarding places to children from families that go to church

“The role that school links and subsequent school admissions make on under 16’s [church] attendance cannot be overlooked,” the report said.

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