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from Voice for Justice UK:

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May 2017, Orthodox Jewish School Vishnitz failed by Ofsted inspectors for failing to teach transgender rights to five year olds ( ).

A number of so-called ‘fundamentalist’ Christian schools also reported as failed by Ofsted for not promoting respect for LGBT people and British values      ( )

Yesodey Hatorah School in Stamford Hill, north London, rated inadequate for failing ‘to teach certain protected characteristics of people defined in the Equality Act’ (
Fact:   In 2017, 49% of independent faith schools were judged ‘less than good’ or inadequate by Ofsted.    According to the Regulator, part of the reason for the high failure rate has been the introduction of new standards three years ago that focus on leadership and ‘fundamental British values’.

(see as reported in The Guardian,

Fact:   Gay rights group Stonewall are currently calling for secondary schools to adopt an LGBT-Inclusive curriculum across thirteen subjects, including Maths, Science, Geography and English.    In class, teachers are being encouraged to discuss and promote gay sex as part of the lesson structure.   In Maths, for example, teachers are being encouraged to refer to LGBT people and different family structures; in RE, they are urged to look at religious texts and the different ways they can be interpreted.

This is clear prioritization and promotion of LGBT values over and at the expense of other protected characteristics (namely religion) as set down in the Equality Act 2010.
How will Ofsted react to these proposals?

 Stop Secularist/LGBT activists in Ofsted using their powers to drive Christian faith and practice out of education. 

Sign our petition calling for protection of Christianity in education, and for Ofsted to stop abusing their powers:



Calling all Church leaders

Are you a bishop, priest or pastor?  Do you lead a church or Christian fellowship?

In these troubled times, do you want to stand with us for Christ and make a difference?

If the answer is ‘YES‘, please email us.  We plan shortly to organise a meeting to link church leaders together to make our voice more powerfully heard in the nation.


Related campaigns by partner organizations

Christian Concern reports this week that Pastor Paul Song, a highly successful volunteer pastor at HMP Brixton, has been removed from his role by the newly appointed Muslim senior chaplain, after being accused of ‘extreme Christian views’. The senior chaplain reportedly told Song he wanted ‘to change the Christian domination”. 

You can sign Christian Concern’s petition calling for PastorSong’s reinstatement here:

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