Father Of 7-Year-Old ‘Trans’ Child James Younger Speaks Out Before Gag Order

Oct 27, 2019 by

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo, Daily Wire:

On Thursday, before Jeffery Younger was hit with a gag order from Judge Kim Cooks, LifeSiteNews reporter Madeleine Jacob spoke to the Texas dad fighting to save his seven-year-old son from a gender transition.

During the interview, Mr. Younger explained why he’s fighting to save his son and other children from transgender indoctrination and addressed negative claims his ex-wife Dr. Anne Georgulas has leveled against him.

Reacting to the jury’s decision not to grant Mr. Younger sole conservatorship over his son on Monday, the father told LifeSiteNews that he was shocked: “We put up an email form Ms. Georgulas to me in which she contemplates cutting the penis off my son. 20 minutes later, they go into deliberations, and they come back voting against me.”

“The Texas I grew up in, the Texas that I live in, if a parent did that, we’re just gonna give him [the child] to the other parent; we’re not gonna tolerate that kind of craziness. So it just tells you, I think, really how far our society has changed, and how much less Christian we are,” he continued.

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