Fear, intimidation and the ‘blasphemy’ at Batley Grammar

Mar 27, 2021 by

by Frederick Edward, The Conservative Woman:

SOMETIMES I wonder about an alternate universe. It’s one in which our politicians had not blindly followed a naïve and society-fracturing policy of enforced ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’. It is hard now to imagine living in a country not riven by racial and religious tensions.

BLM had their turn last year, forcing us into the patently absurd situation where saying ‘white lives matter’ was enough to earn you the title of ‘racist’.

Then again, what doesn’t, nowadays?

Now it is the turn of our Muslim population to have another moment of anger.

Having shown a cartoon of Muhammad in a religious education class, a young teacher has been suspended from his job at Batley Grammar School in West Yorkshire and is under police protection. The school has been forced to shut temporarily. The headmaster has also gone into hiding, fearing retribution.

The fruits of ‘diversity’, ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘tolerance’ are visible for all to see.

In events that echo the beheading of teacher Samuel Paty in France last year, the Batley teacher’s name was spread across social media platforms after the ‘crime’ of ‘insulting two billion Muslims’. One wonders what was the intention behind sharing such information.

Increasingly, it is not merely that people keep quiet and keep their heads down. Instead, we adopt the linguistic conventions of Islam. Media reports invariably refer to Muhammad as ‘the Prophet Muhammad’. They would never, in contrast, refer to Jesus as ‘Christ the Saviour’. It will surely not be long until any mentions of the ‘Prophet’ are suffixed by the required ‘PBUH’ (‘Peace be upon him’).

It all makes sense, of course. Why offer any resistance – let alone criticism – to a group when the price of doing so can be as high as getting your head chopped off? Now, de-Christianised, we no longer believe the promise of an eternal afterlife: the potential cost of resistance has risen sharply.

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Letter in the Times, Monday 29 March:
Sir, I agree with the headline that “no religion has the right to escape ridicule”.  I would welcome clarification that this applies also to non-religious ideologies, such as secularism, humanism, feminism, LGBTQ, BLM and the rest.
Rev JW Hunwicke, Oxford

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