Feminists threaten legal action after Scottish government recognizes gender-confused men as women

Aug 5, 2020 by

by Paul Smeaton, LifeSite:

‘This Act raises significant concerns for the status of women in Scotland.’

A women’s rights group is considering legal action against a Scottish government guidance which recognizes gender-confused men as women.

For Women Scotland says that it’s considering seeking a judicial review, after the Scottish government released statutory guidance in June changing the definition of “woman” for the purposes of the Gender Representation on Public Boards Act 2018.

The statutory guidance states that men who are either planning to or have begun so-called “gender-reassignment” processes and who are “continuously living as a woman” will be considered women for the purposes of the Act.

“This would not require the person to dress, look or behave in any particular way,” the guidance says.

“However, it would be expected that there would be evidence that the person was continuously living as a woman, such as – always using female pronouns; using a female name on official documents such as a driving licence or passport, or on utility bills or bank accounts; using female titles; updating the gender marker to female on official documents such as a driving licence or passport; describing themselves and being described by others in written or other communication as a woman.”

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