Ferryhill Town Council’s ‘special’ meeting: An observer’s report

Jul 15, 2018 by

from Christian Concern:

On Wednesday 11th July, Ferryhill Town Council held a special meeting about Richard Smith, the ex-mayor who was hounded out of office for posting Christian views of sexuality and Islam on Facebook. An observer at the event reports on what happened:

Wednesday night’s meeting of Ferryhill Town Council was meant to be a triumphant lynching of the town’s Christian ex-Mayor, Cllr Richard Smith, by the mob of adherents to modern tolerant British values – led by the local drag queen known under the elegant pseudonym Tess Tickle. However, it took an unexpected turn when the LGBT activists’ demo outside the town hall met the Christian counter-demo in defence of free speech. Meanwhile inside the town hall, political manoeuvring by a group of brave independent Councillors reduced the meeting to a unanimous but meaningless vote of no confidence in an empty chair.

As soon as Cllr Smith, an ex-serviceman and a Christian pastor, was elected Mayor a few weeks ago, Mr Tickle took the lead in vigorous public scrutiny of his views. Mr Tickle’s investigation exposed an outrageous Facebook post where Cllr Smith re-posted a video by a well-known US video-blogger, The Activist Mommy, who quoted the Bible while commenting on an LGBT Pride event. Not only was Cllr Smith as homophobic as this; he was also Islamophobic. He re-posted a video where a group of Muslims attack a Jewish family and their little children, and commented:

“This is supposed to be a religion of peace. I think not.”

Mr Tickle’s campaign got fair wind from the Pink News, the BBC, and a number of Facebook commentators. One of them eloquently summed up the case against Cllr Smith in these terms:

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