Fight the Left’s home education power grab before it’s too late

Jun 29, 2018 by

by David Kurten, The Conservative Woman:

If anyone hoped that the replacement of Justine Greening as Education Secretary with Damian Hinds would usher in a change in direction of the current government to being more socially conservative in their education policies, they will be sorely disappointed. Although the new secretary has been less visible than his predecessor, the progressive destruction of conservative values in education is continuing.

This is nowhere truer than in home schooling. New government guidelines seek for the first time to usurp the role of parents as primary educators of their children.

The United Kingdom does not require parents to send their children to school. We have a long tradition of home education and until recently it has been left alone, being considered quirky but harmless. It was during the final years of the awful Blair/Brown administration that the state turned on home education. The Badman Review, commissioned by Ed Balls, deemed it to be dangerous and recommended introducing compulsory registration and heavy-handed monitoring.

This resulted in the one of the biggest backlashes ever seen as parents around the country defended the right to educate their children without state interference. A record number of petitions from more than 120 constituencies around the country opposing compulsory registration and monitoring of home-educated children were handed in to the Speaker in one evening where the issue was discussed in the House of Commons.

After this effort, plans to introduce the recommendations of the Badman Review in a new Children, School and Families Act in 2010 were dropped.

However, as we constantly need to remind ourselves, the Left never sleeps. It always returns with its agenda, which is to destroy anything which gives human beings connection and belonging, or transmits conservative, traditional or Judaeo-Christian values and beliefs from one generation to the next. This time, however, it is Theresa May and Damian Hinds in the fake-Conservative party who are responsible.

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