Followers of the Church of England … or Followers of the Church of Christ?

Nov 2, 2017 by

from Voice for Justice UK: (received by email)

Special baptismal services to mark gender transition, priests living openly in clergy housing with their gay or lesbian partner, proposals for a service of blessing for same-sex couples following secular marriage….

The Church of England has at last fully conformed to its name.  It no longer follows the teachings of Christ, but has instead become a poodle church, endorsing and promulgating each and every fashionable idea put forward by the State – which by law now lays down the rules of what constitutes ‘acceptable’ religion.  At the heart of this reconstituted belief system is no longer the belief that men and women are made in the image of God.  Rather, God is remade in the image of man; which definition can of course now be changed and redefined to whatever at the time is deemed politically correct.

The god of this reframed religion is no longer a God of truth, justice and mercy – but a squidgy, cuddly sort of deity who affirms whatever we want, no matter how seemingly outlandish and bizarre – because his one over-riding desire, trumping all else, is apparently for us to be happy!  Which state can only be achieved in this brave new world by letting us have anything and everything we might desire, without regard to the eternal health and wellbeing of our souls.  In fact, it’s questionable in this new belief system whether men and women actually have souls!  But the one thing on which we can utterly depend, is that this religion won’t cause offence.

Unless of course, you happen to believe the traditional teachings of the Bible.  In which case, though you perhaps won’t dare say so, you’ll be very offended.

We are at a crossroads, and it is time for each and every one of us to make a choice.  It’s no longer enough just to produce rational arguments why the new system is not just flawed, but downright dangerous.  No matter what the evidence, we’ll be either ignored or ridiculed – steamrollered out of the way by the ideological juggernaut of inclusivity and (intolerant) tolerance.

So, to echo the words of St Paul, it is time for true believers to come out from amongst the apostates and be separate.  Not in hatred or bigotry – as followers of the new religion try and maintain – but in faithfulness and obedience to the one who died that we might be set free.

If you haven’t yet done so, please sign our petition to the Secretary of State for Education, calling for the removal of unnecessarily explicit and damaging material that is prematurely sexualising children from Sex and Relationships Education.

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