Following Jesus with Humility and Courage

Sep 23, 2020 by

by Canon Phil Ashey, AAC:

Last night I attended the Falls Church online forum, “Beyond Racial Gridlock,” featuring Dr. George Yancey, a highly published Christian sociologist who teaches at Baylor University on the racial divisions in North American society. You can hear his talk and see the books he has written here: Dr. Yancey grew up in a black family and experienced racism firsthand. He carefully articulated the strengths and weaknesses of the four prevailing secular ideologies often used to explain racial discrimination. In doing so, he was able to do what Thomas Aquinas did in the Summa Theologica: explain each position to its advocates’ satisfaction based on the evidence and then to explain one by one why each fails in comparison to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He pointed out that every secular ideology fails because (1) it finds someone else to blame for the problems, and (2) it assumes the possibility of human perfectibility (if only we can be educated—or “indoctrinated,” as the case may be).

I was not surprised when Dr. Yancey moved from sociology to theology and began preaching that the gift of Christianity is the accurate diagnosis of the human condition—that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Rom. 3:23). It is human depravity, not human perfectibility, that we must assume in every culture, every institution, and every human heart. Only the Gospel of Jesus Christ offers rescue and hope for ruined hearts.

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