Four in ten separating couples will be able to divorce faster thanks to new law

Mar 30, 2020 by

by Steve Doughty, Mailonline:

More than four in ten separated couples will divorce years earlier under reforms being pushed through Parliament, according to research.

The study showed that 43 per cent of divorcing couples – around 40,000 a year – end their marriages under separation rules that mean they wait years before their breakup is legally complete.

But under the Government’s divorce-on-demand regime, the wait for divorce will be abolished and the process can be completed in only six months.

[…] Colin Hart, of the Coalition for Marriage group, said: ‘These figures indicate that more than four in every 10 divorces could be hastened by years leading to a dramatic increase in number of and speed of divorces.

‘Official statistics show 10,000 divorces a year are abandoned. The Government should seek to save saveable marriages rather than grease the tracks to divorce.’

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