France, Islam and Civil War

May 4, 2021 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch:

Is France about to erupt into civil war?

It is a fact of history – as well as simple common sense – that no nation can last for long if it is being plagued by major cultural divisions, with leadership unable or unwilling to maintain some sort of set of shared values and beliefs. This especially comes into play when failed policies of multiculturalism and immigration and porous borders allow masses of people into a country that hold to radically different beliefs and norms than the host culture. That is a recipe for disaster and it will simply tear a nation apart.

I and others have been warning about this for decades now, certainly in regard to Islam and the West. We have seen plenty of examples of this taking place, where in effect countries are being forced to have two-tiered societies, two-tiered legal systems, two-tiered educational systems, and even two-tiered banking systems.

Add to all that the fact that some of the people welcomed with open arms resort to killing those in the host nations – something we have seen far too often, certainly in France. Thankfully not everyone is oblivious to this or seeking to make excuses for it. Many are trying to sound the alarm – with mixed results. Consider the nation of France. I have often written about how far down this path of disintegration France has gone, and how this is being made worse by leaders like Macron. As I wrote seven years ago for example:

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