‘Freedoms, Rights and Self-Determination.  Counselling Men and Women with Unwanted Sexual Attractions and Gender Confusion’

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A report on the IFTCC online Conference, November 2020, by Dr Lisa Nolland, for Anglican Mainstream:

Though I am an ‘old girl’ who has been involved with these sorts of issues for decades, I was pleasantly surprised, hugely encouraged and further educated by the recent on-line conference of the IFTCC [International Federation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice]. It was a tour de force.

Eighteen global experts gave updates, training, strategies and insights on pressing LGBT issues to an audience of almost 300 (real time).  That there are translations in three languages other than English (Hungarian, Slovak and Polish) indicates the keen interest of Eastern Europeans: for them, it is déjà vu. They have seen enforced conformity before — only this time it’s in the form of LGBT Woke totalitarianism.

Now, this package is available to all for 10 Euros—a metaphorical treasure trove with access good for a year: https://conference.iftcc.org/  As Christmas holidays approach—with more free time available—do sign up and see for yourself!

Halting tanks with sticks

Decades ago I read a quip on how most Christians are as well equipped to engage committed Marxists as are children who attack tanks with sticks (or words to that effect).  Sadly, nothing has changed.  What is worse is the apathetic ignorance of the fact that these Christian ‘solutions’, here to LGBT challenges, are often woefully inadequate, naïve, uninformed.

Though sincere Christians (laity and leaders) may hold the ‘right’ views, they fail to realize that increasingly, it is just not enough. The narrative has moved on and ‘The Bible says’ (even if it is still believed) sounds and is experienced as ‘Hate Speech’ by many, even inside ‘evangelical’ networks.

LGBT rights on steroids

That Joe Biden promises to sign into law the egregious (and totalitarian) Equality Act, and that both Australia and Canada are looking at similarly horrific and far-reaching kinds of legislation, is not widely known: mainstream Christian organizations have largely been MIA (Missing in Action) and AATW (Asleep At The Wheel).

Banning ‘gay conversion therapy’ is at the heart of this legislation, though freedom of religion, speech, association, and parental rights are also at stake.  Dissenters are looking at fines or prison, while the cutting-edge church runs another Alpha course.   Bonhoeffer’s critique of his own church in the 30s comes to mind.


LGBT victims – those who never asked to have those feelings — deserve to know the liberating truth about their unwanted attractions. Both they and those who love them need to understand the research which counters powerful but fraudulent myths about sexuality (born gay; once gay always gay; change-allowing therapy is harmful; etc); what the paths to wholeness look like and how many have already taken them.

And so to the conference

One of the reasons this conference package is so effective is that it both covers key realms but does so via an interdisciplinary framework which weaves together insights from psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, medics, counsellors and once-gay leaders with updates from the worlds of law, culture and science.

We learn about therapeutic ‘tools in the toolbox’ which refine and promote best practice in relation to helping strugglers.  This is key, as so many here in this country have little to no idea of what actually happens in counselling, and so are not that concerned that what is labelled as ‘gay conversion therapy’ could be banned.

Though understandable, this ignorance, especially among leaders, is culpable; first class counselling and therapy is available, yet few even know of its existence.  Why the blackout?

Other topics include trauma and SSA (same sex attraction); the ‘two way journey’ coming out of SSA; gender identity confusion in children and family therapy; Sex Change Regret; the role of psychodrama in helping strugglers; and ways out of pornography.

Also of note: ‘gender as mission’; the unique role of Christian counselling in relation to SSA; skewed sampling in LGBT research; therapy ‘bans’ in the West; and ideology as ‘science’: ‘conclusions in search of data’ (Dr Christopher Rosik).

Having the T shirt

Because many of the presenters have personal experience of change – they ‘have the T shirt’ – there is an added level of relevance, authenticity and reality. Just listening, say, to Elizabeth Woning, former lesbian and now co-leader of Equipped to Love (US ministry). Illustrates how well she ‘gets’ those in the gay community but also what their families, friends and church need to know to better understand and help them move on and out.

That Woning has been settled in her heterosexuality for years indicates permanent change.  Do leaders here in this country even know that this sort of change occurs?  If they do they keep quiet!  For Woning, Jesus has been a huge part of that journey.  It is far more than her sexuality which has been transformed, though: it is her entire life.

Beneficial for all

In fact, this holistic emphasis is present throughout the conference, and gives it an added richness, reality and depth. It also enables those who have been spared these struggles (but have different ones) to benefit from its insights into the human condition and how God can mend human brokenness of all kinds.

Highly recommended!

Access the talks from the conference here

Lisa Nolland can be contacted here 

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