From Christians Who Formerly Identified as LGBTQ: A “Thank You” to Our Allies

Nov 8, 2019 by

by Jean C Lloyd, Public Discourse:

Like most Public Discourse readers, I have long been aware of Barronelle Stutzman. She has been a hero of mine since she came into her unwanted fame. Sadly, six years later, Barronelle’s case is as fresh as ever. The Supreme Court is being asked, for a second time, to take it up.

I have long wanted to write this article and always planned to title it, “Thank you, Barronelle.” But as time has worn on, and months have turned into years, more and more “Barronelles” have appeared. I dare not thank only Barronelle, for there are now so many others, from Jack Phillips to Aaron and Melissa Klein to Elaine Huguenin. Anyone seeking to live out their faith by honoring their convictions about marriage is at risk.

To you all, let me simply say, “Thank you.” You may not realize it, but you are among my greatest allies.

The Stigma of Homosexuality

 I have written several times about homosexuality and my experiences identifying as a lesbian when I was a young woman. I know firsthand that dealing with same-sex attraction used to carry a huge stigma. If people knew, it was a mark of disgrace. Most of us dealing with it felt ashamed and suffered the pain of that stigma, at least privately. Many in my generation, and especially those before mine, tried to deny it and hide it.

This experience is almost inconceivable to the millennial generation and younger. Shame has been replaced by celebration. As we are relentlessly reminded during the month of June, identifying as a member of the LGBT community is now seen as a source of pride.

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