From fleeing persecution to promoting real marriage

Jul 10, 2021 by

by Tony Rucinski, Coalition for Marriage:

It was a huge privilege to catch up with Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali to talk about how he has promoted real marriage throughout his career, even at great personal risk. Do watch our fascinating conversation.

Years after fleeing his native Pakistan when defending family values brought threats against his family, Bishop Michael found himself in contention for the top job in the Church of England.

Commenting on society’s current confusion, he observes “if you consistently teach people that the universe and ourselves are without meaning, then it is natural for people to want to construct their own identities”. The population, he claims, are “waking up to this wokeness” because an “endless series of victims” is not a great way to organise society.

The preservation of our democracy requires us to “protect certain basic givens” of which marriage and family are ‘near the top of the list’ says the Bishop.

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