From London to Cape Town: Displays of Antisemitic Intimidation and Violence.

Nov 14, 2023 by

By Dave Doveton.

In the Cape Town suburb of Sea Point there is a quiet grassy open space near the sea wall and far enough from the busy street to hear the soothing rush of Atlantic waves. Sea Point has a large number of Jewish residents, and it was for this reason that the organisers of a Christian prayer rally chose the area for their meeting on Sunday 12th  November. They gathered to show support for the Jewish community and pray for the hostages taken by Hamas in their 7th October invasion of Southern Israel.

No sooner had the (legal) gathering started proceedings when they were assaulted by a crowd of Islamists. An Anglican clergyman who attended the prayers stated that on his arrival, “…there had already been altercations and clashes, especially between the police and the pro-Palestinian supporters., who had come with a violent intent.  Amongst other things, one elderly pastor’s Israeli flag was grabbed out of his hand. A scuffle ensued and the poor man’s finger was broken.”  

Another report by the ACDP (African Christian Democratic Party) noted that when the police tried to intervene the disrupters pelted the police with bottles and other projectiles. These disruptors quite openly showed their allegiance by displaying not only Palestinian flags but also the black ISIS Jihadist flag. Death threats were shouted. One of the intimidators who denied Christians their constitutional right to exercise their freedom of religion and freedom of speech was recorded saying, “You will not walk with an Israeli flag here, you will die, you will die.”

Eventually the police had to disperse them with teargas and rubber bullets. Another witness said, “these people are talking about bombing all American and Israel businesses – they are serious in their allegations.” Also, that “…they would bomb all churches who stand with Israel.”

Only a day earlier a “Pro-Palestinian” march took place in the City of Cape Town in which the Anglican Bishop of Table Bay proudly identified himself with the cause. One can only wonder how he could justify standing with people who were chanting genocidal slogans against Jews including the taunt “From the river to the sea…”

It is not only the capitals of the western world such as London, Paris and Washington that are the scenes of visceral racial hatred – recent events in South Africa show the rise of antisemitism is a global phenomenon and parallels the rise of Salafist Jihadi ideology.





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