“From the beginning”: God’s design for human nature

Oct 30, 2020 by

Stephen Noll suggests how the ACNA Bishops could make a public protest regarding the Supreme Court’s ‘Bostock decision’, which claims to redefine male and female in God’s image:


[…] Five years ago, in response to the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage (Obergefell v. Hodges), the College of Bishops issued a Statement titled “‘From the Beginning’: God’s Design for Marriage.” We said:

While this decision grieves us, God’s truth and the goodness of the order established in creation have not been changed. The kingdom of God cannot be shaken. We pray with confidence that God will reveal his glory, love, goodness, andhope to the world through his Church as we seek to follow him in faith and obedience….

Marriage is established by God for the procreation and raising of children and for the good of society. For this reason, governments have an interest in marriage and have delegated authority from God to protect and regulate it. But no court, no legislature and no local magistrate has the authority to redefine marriage and to impose this definition on their citizens.

Now on June 15, 2020, the Court has issued another ruling in Bostock v. Clayton County which interprets discrimination by “sex” under the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include sexual and transgender identity. While it is not our role to dissect the legal arguments of the case, including the likely social and political consequences of the decision (see Justice Alito’s dissent), it is our duty to preach and teach God’s design in creating human nature in his image, male and female.

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