Gay blessings ‘at odds with Scripture’ – Lord Carey of Clifton

Feb 11, 2023 by

Letter to The Times:

Sir, ….General Synod’s decision to allow blessings to same-sex couples ….will concern others, including me, who believe that marriage can be a true sacramental rite only between a man and a woman in a lifelong union of love…. the next step can only be the acceptance of same-sex marriages.

The Church of England will be out of step with the majority of the Anglican Communion, the Roman Catholic Church, the Orthodox Churches united with Constantinople, and the many Orthodox Churches of the Middle East… it will be out of step with the Bible. …..the step …is a shift away from the foundational roots of the scriptures. I urge the bishops to think again ….before they return in July.
The Right Rev Lord Carey of Clifton

Archbishop of Canterbury 1991-2002, House of Lords

Letter (£) to the Times Saturday February 11

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