‘Gay Conversion Therapy’

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Church reluctant to condemn ‘gay conversion therapy’ by James Macintyre and Tom Heneghan, The Tablet (RC)

Sexuality can change – so why ban help for those who aren’t glad to be gay? by Will Jones, TCW

The UK government is going down a dangerous path in its zeal to ban ‘conversion therapies’, by Carys Moseley, Christian Concern

LBC: Tim Dieppe discusses issues surrounding changing gender, Christian Concern

Why the Government’s knee-jerk ban on gay conversion therapy fails to understand the real issues by Peter Ould, Premier

Labour and Tories finally see the truth about the gender debate by James Kirkup, Spectator (£)

Video: Why European countries should’nt restrict therapy for unwanted same sex attraction and gender identities, Voices of the Silenced

‘Born Gay’ is dead by Dr Lisa Nolland

Row over government plan to ban gay conversion therapy from Belfast Telegraph

‘Gay conversion therapy’: Group to seek legal advice on ban, BBC

Ten Good Reasons not to restrict therapy for unwanted same-sex attraction by Carys Moseley, Christian Concern

Church of England warmly welcome ban on ‘conversion therapy’ by Cara Bentley, Premier

Government pledge to eradicate conversion therapy, Church of England website

Christian Groups Express Concern Over UK Proposal to Ban Therapy for Unwanted Same-Sex Attraction by Michael Gryboski, Christian Post

Watch:  Dr Mike Davidson from Core Issues Trust on the Victoria Derbyshire show (From one hour 23 minutes)

People who have undergone conversion ‘therapy’ celebrate it being banned by Narzaz Zatat, Independent

What is gay conversion and is it legal? Here is everything you need to know about it, iNews

Statement on Proposed Restrictions on Therapy for Unwanted Same-Sex Attractions, Core Issues Trust


Gay – keeping options open. A collection of articles about General Synod’s decision in 2017 to support a ban on ‘conversion therapy’

More articles about the July 2017 Synod here



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