Gay couple call on vicar to step down after he refuses to bless their marriage at village church

Dec 20, 2017 by

by Jack Peat, The London Economic:

A gay couple have called on their local vicar to step down after he controversially refused to bless their marriage at their village church.

Andrew Springett, 38, was left fuming after the Reverend Alan Comfort, 53, said he believed marriages were between men and women only.

The vicar cited Church of England rules banning “blessing” same-sex marriages.

But he refused to hold a special community event at All Saints Church in Dane End, Herts., despite other ministers offering to hold it at neighbouring churches.

Gay couples cannot be legally married in a Church of England church but the Diocese of St. Albans said the local church “is still there for its community”.

Mr Springett said: “I’m so frustrated, I’ve desperately tried not to be angry about the situation but it’s a real set back to not have it in our own village.

“I didn’t foresee that he would be that objectionable since we were so embedded in the community.

“I certainly thought that he may have listened and he may have, we thought, been more understanding about how the world is now.”

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