Gay Irish Prime Minister to promote LGBT agenda when he meets Pope

Aug 7, 2018 by

by Doug Mainwaring, LifeSite:

Ireland’s Prime Minister has said he hopes to challenge Pope Francis on homosexuality and same-sex “marriage” when he visits Ireland for the Vatican-sponsored World Meeting of Families later this month.

The emerald Isle’s current Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, is an openly gay man with a male partner, who has used his position as a national leader to promote gay issues on the international stage.

When asked at a recent press briefing what he might say to the Pope about the absence of gay families during the promotion of the upcoming World Meeting of Families (WMF), Varadkar said he would express “our views as a society and a government that families come in all sorts of different forms and that includes families that are… by same-sex parents and other families as well,” according to a report by The Journal.

The question concerned gay activists’ continuing outrage over the removal of images of same-sex couples as well as pro-homosexual texts from a reissued booklet created by the country’s bishops to prepare Catholic families for the WMF in Dublin.

While the Irish Bishops offered no official explanation at the time for the revisions to the WMF booklet, The Irish Times, Irish Independent, and the German Catholic bishops website attributed the deletion of pro-LGBT images and text to a LifeSiteNews article critical of their inclusion in the booklet’s original edition.

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