GE2024: Making your views known

Jun 15, 2024 by

from The Christian Institute:

Candidates or their canvassers may come to your door, call by telephone or stop you in the street to ask how you intend to vote. This presents an ideal opportunity to find out where the candidate stands on key moral issues. His or her opinions on these issues can be quite different from the position of their party.

More than at any other time the candidates will be open to listening to your views. Should they be elected, they will be representing you in Parliament. In ‘safe seats’, where the party of your current MP is expected to win, raising issues with candidates could have an even greater influence than your vote.

The Christian Institute has produced some simple Questions for Candidates. Think through two or three issues and be ready in case canvassers call or stop you while out shopping.

Limit yourself to two or three issues with which you are most concerned. Be prepared to give a reason for your view. The Election Briefing will help you get to grips with the issues you are interested in.

If you speak to the candidate, ask if he or she is willing to raise your concerns in Parliament if elected. If they say they will, you can hold them to this promise should they be elected.

If you speak to someone canvassing on behalf of the candidate, ask for your concerns to be passed on. The very act of asking these questions is a Christian witness.

Election briefing 2024 – An analysis of party policies on issues of importance to Christians, suggestions for questions for candidates, and finding how your MP has voted previously on issues of concern.

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