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The British working-class saves Britain – and its Jews by Melanie Phillips

A vote for hope? by David Robertson, Christian Today

Labour plans to squeeze out religious education by Giles Fraser, UnHerd

Puberty blocker firm funded Liberal Democrats by Carys Moseley, Christian Concern

Is there any point in voting in the election? by John Stevens, Psephizo

Morality and manifestos – what the smaller parties say by Tim Dieppe, Christian Concern

C4M’s analysis of manifestos: the ‘quadlock’ protections from Coalition for Marriage

Read the Jewish Labour Movement’s submission on anti-semitism in their party by Paul Goodman, Conservative Home

Updated election briefing from The Christian Institute

C4M’s analysis of manifestos: no-fault divorce, Coalition for Marriage

C4M’s analysis of manifestos: LGBT education,  Coalition for Marriage

C4M’s analysis of manifestos: gender recognition, Coalition for Marriage

Resources from the Family Education Trust

C4M’s analysis of manifestos: Marriage Allowance from Coalition for Marriage

2019 General Election Statement and Bishops’ Plenary, Catholic Bishops’ Conference

UK Bishops Warn Catholics to Vote Against Abortion Agenda by Jules Gomes, Church Militant

Election Time from The Marriage Foundation

Is it immoral to vote for Labour? by Giles Fraser, UnHerd

For Catholics, the election offers an unappealing choice by Simon Caldwell, Catholic Herald (and not only Catholics! Ed)

I fear that Labour’s abortion law plans could lead us to a very dark place by Melanie McDonagh, Mailonline

What will become of Jews in Britain if Labour forms the next government? by Ephraim Mirvis, The Times

Labour and Lib Dem manifestos threaten extreme social liberalism—but are the Tories any better? by Will Jones, Faith and Politics

The politics of identity, by David Alton, Geopolitical Intelligence Services: “In every respect, we have created a de-Christianized throwaway culture.”

What’s wrong with the country? by J.John

‘Impartial’ BBC is flexible with the facts in LGBT guide, by Caroline ffiske, TCW: “Throughout the 2019 General Election campaign, the BBC wants to answer your questions about the issues that matter most to you.” The corporation has chosen to cover three areas: LGBT-inclusive education, hate crime, and reform of the Gender Recognition Act.

LGBT rights ‘at the heart of government’ – but there’s a catch, Pink News

Decriminalising abortion: Labour abandons the Catholic vote by Archbishop Cranmer

Labour and Liberal Democrats both commit to massive abortion expansion, SPUC

Rob Flello: The Lib Dems deselected me – but they can’t make me conform, Catholic Herald

Labour would totally decriminalise abortion, party spokeswoman confirms by Dan Hitchens, Catholic Herald

Christian Concern responds to Labour manifesto

Lib Dem manifesto pledges Gender Recognition Act reform, Gender X passports, LGBT+ asylum reforms by Nick Duffy, Pink News

The Election briefing from The Christian Institute…analyses party policies from a biblical perspective. It covers a wide range of issues of concern to Christians – religious liberty, abortion, marriage and the family, education, and many others.

Christian Concern’s resource says: “We will be analysing manifestos and tracking promises made by parties and candidates – as well as giving Christian viewpoints on events of the campaign.” They provide a ‘Good Question Guide’ to download.

How will you vote? Policy Questions to party leaders, from Voice for Justice UK: To assist voters in deciding how to vote, VfJUK has sent the following questions to leaders of the main Parties, asking for details of their Party’s policy.  As they respond, we shall print their answers for comparison on our website.

Anti-abortion party targets Stella Creasy in General Election, by Emma Bowen, Belfast Telegraph: […] The Labour candidate for Walthamstow, a vocal campaigner for abortion rights, called the Christian Peoples Alliance a party which “promotes hatred in many forms”, after it emerged they were campaigning for the sitting MP’s seat.

The whole gospel addresses the world’s wrong thinking, not just the church’s comfort, by Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream: Should Christians get involved in the political process at all, or should we just focus on evangelism and church building?

Tell election candidates to resist Stonewall demands, by Carys Moseley, Christian Concern: The LGBT charity and campaign organisation Stonewall has published an 18-page manifesto for the upcoming general election…

British Muslims Can Swing the U.K. Election, But Only If They Get Out and Vote, by Musharraf Hussein, Time Magazine

Church of England: Prayers for the General Election

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