General Synod July 2024

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Post synod commentary (new items at the top):

Explained: CofE approves gay blessings for a three-year trial by Tim Wyatt, Premier

Synod: what happened and why does it matter? by Benjamin John, Christian Concern

CEEC commissions first set of overseers

Is it any wonder that trust levels are falling in the Church of England? by Susie Leafe, Christian Today

Is divorce the only option left over LLF? by Christopher Landau, Psephizo

CofE “overseers” opposed to same sex blessings will be appointed today from Religion Media Centre

Statement from the Alliance after July 2024 General Synod

What happened at the General Synod in York? by Hattie Williams, Church Times

General Synod digest: Church’s trust issues laid bare in new report by Tim Wyatt and Francis Martin, Church Times

Pastoral Letter Following The Church of England’s General Synod (July 5 – 9 2024), GSFA

EFAC Global expresses deep disappointment

Same Sex Blessings in the C of E: ‘The Bus Rolls On’ by Mark Michael, The Living Church

Where does the C of E go on sexuality after July Synod? by Ian Paul, Psephizo

The Trustees of Together for the Church of England welcome today’s vote

Orthodox Anglicans in the Church of England have two choices – and neither of them is easy by Julian Mann, Christian Today

Evangelicals disappointed by Synod vote on same-sex blessings, Christian Today

‘I’m truly sorry’: General Synod member issues apology for ‘he, she, it’ comment by Heather Preston, Premier

Watch:  What just happened at General Synod by Luke Appleton on X

Same-sex blessings: the bus moves forward, but we’re under it, say some Synod members by Francis Martin, Church Times

Church of England moves closer to services of blessing for same-sex couples by Harriet Sherwood, Guardian

LLF – The Decision Point? from Anglican Futures (updated)

Men ‘underrepresented’ in congregations, Church of England admits, Telegraph

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby claims his wife felt pressured to abort their disabled daughter by Olivia Christie, Mailonline

General Synod defers potential own inquiry into Soul Survivor pending current KC review by Kelly Valencia, Premier

Synod increases statutory minimum rest for clergy by Lydia Davies, Premier

LLF – will it go to penalties? from Anglican Futures

The need for ‘correction’ at General Synod, Anglican Futures

General Synod: a watershed moment? by John Dunnett, Christian Today

General Synod: Presidential Address by the Archbishop of York

Archbishop of York admits to mistake over voting to disband Independent Safeguarding Board by Francis Martin, Church Times

CofE general synod agenda from Religion Media Centre

General Synod X (Twitter) account here

In the run-up to Synod …

The Bishop of Oxford versus evangelical Anglicans by Julian Mann, Christian Today

The Alliance responds to the Bishop of Oxford – “an attempt to avoid schism”

Should we seek compromise with a departure from the catholic consensus? by Joshua Penduck, Psephizo

Responding to the Bishop of Oxford by Lee Gatiss, Church Society

Together responds to LLF, from Thinking Anglicans

The relative safety of a ‘Society’ from Anglican Futures

Unity and Truth – An ecclesiological approach to the Church of England’s debate about human sexuality. Part 1 , Part II , Part III  and Part IV by Martin Davie

EFAC Global calls for prayer for General Synod

Bishop of Oxford names the Alliance proposal – “disproportionate schism”.

Hypocritical and ‘catastrophising’: Bishop of Oxford calls out Alliance over LLF threat, Church Times

General Synod: what will they debate in York next month? by Tim Wyatt, Church Times

Thou shalt not criticise – bishops plan speech code to silence rebels by Julian Mann, TCW

Orthodox Anglicans set out their positions on Church of England’s same-sex blessing plans by Susie Leafe, Christian Today

Can the Church of England afford same-sex blessings? by Julian Mann, Christian Today


February 2024 General Synod posts below for reference.

Video: Watch General Synod live

Newer postings at the top:
Is there a glimmer of hope? from Anglican Futures
Synod’s same-sex discussions are still stuck by Jago Wynne, Premier Christianity
What happened at General Synod? from Anglican Futures

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