‘Give it a break, Mate’: New movement protests ‘Rainbow Laces’ LGBT agenda in UK soccer

Dec 4, 2019 by

by Scott Schittl, LifeSite:

SIGN PETITION: Tell FIFA: No Political Symbols, No LGBT Rainbow

Starting on Tuesday, December 3, all English Premier League soccer clubs will be designating a match to promote LGBT activism with the so-called “Rainbow Laces” campaign.

In 2019, as in prior years, the English Premier League will bend the knee to the LGBT agenda.

The campaign will include 1) rainbow laces and captain arm-bands      available to players and referees, 2) rainbow-colored handshake and substitute boards, and 3) a rainbow colored pitch flag. Also, the League’s social media platforms will use a rainbow-colored logo.

But is the use of rainbow colors appropriate for sporting competitions, and should players, game officials, and clubs be forced to endorse political positions that contradict many people’s personal beliefs and faith?

The “Let All Play” initiative, founded by Jennifer Bryson, answers these questions and others, stating that politics and sport shouldn’t mix.

Please WATCH LifeSite’s EXCLUSIVE interview with Let All Play’s Jennifer Bryson, by clicking here.

Where soccer is concerned, Let All Play cites FIFA rules, stipulating that “[e]quipment must not have any political, religious or personal slogans, statements or images” (Laws of the Game, Law 04.5).

And again, in relation to the coercion of players in the promotion of a political agenda:

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SIGN PETITION: Tell FIFA: No Political Symbols, No LGBT Rainbow


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