‘Give Me a Chance’ – Live Concert

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From Core Issues Trust.

[Thursday 2nd May:] The unvoiced speaking, the unborn pleading – a voice of expression, a cry for survival, determined just to speak out! A collaborative effort of three streams refusing to be silenced through live music. This music celebrates the existence of the unborn, the rejected and the forgotten all of whom refuse to conform to mainstream narratives promoting abortion, rejecting ex-gay identity and ignoring the pain of persecuted Christians. This is a bold and coherent counter-narrative speaking up unashamedly about authentic experiences, preserving boldness and encouraging truth: GIVE ME A CHANCE.

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From Faith and Politics.

Mainstream Western culture continues its war against therapy for unwanted same-sex attraction. The latest country to declare against ‘conversion therapy’ is Spain, whose health minister has called for a nationwide ban.

Meanwhile the BBC today has run a feature on a woman whose experience of ‘conversion therapy’ was unsuccessful and now feels that it haunts her. You’ll be waiting a long time to see this ‘impartial’ public broadcaster feature any of the stories of people who feel they benefited from such counselling, though they are not hard to find for anyone who wants to.

From this one-sided coverage you would never guess that prior to the 1980s therapy for people with same-sex attraction was very common and the literature from this period, including numerous records of successful change, is vast.

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The Pro-Life Anthem “Give me a Chance” written by Matthew Grech and performed together with his friends is here:
The Promotional Clip for the concert – including all the performers and artists is here:
The appeal for Nigerian Christian is Northern Nigeria is here

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